Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mom's Café

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Mom's Café
University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT
Guest Blogger: Monica Goff

Somewhere between moving in to my dorm and having finals at the forefront of my mind, I found comfort in the bottom floor of the Marriott Library in Mom’s Café. It isn’t the most glamorous or unique place to grab a coffee, but there is a real sense of comfort in this little corner of this gigantic campus. I’m not religious, but I always say a little prayer hoping that by the time I get there after classes I will a) get there on time to purchase a delicious ham and cheese croissant, warmed up at your request, before they are sold out; b) manage to catch the one barista who makes iced mochas so brilliantly that I have yet to find a viable replacement within walkable distance of my dorm (and I will walk great distances for a good mocha— she is a god among men); and c) snag a spot next to one of the two unoccupied outlets in the entire café (seriously, this place is lacking in charging options. I need a working computer to, you know, work.). My favorite time to sit here is on a Friday afternoon- firstly, if you come late enough, the pastries will be slightly discounted, and secondly, no one is there. And, yeah, I’m probably crazy to do work on a Friday afternoon but it’s comforting to see a usually vibrant part of this campus being unusually quiet. I still don’t really know who Mom is, but I’ll thank her if I ever meet her.

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