Wednesday, December 3, 2014


As a new member of NU's sailing team, and as one of the friendliest faces on campus, it is no surprise that we turned to Logan for our first feature post. After braving the cold during these shots, I caught up with Logan in the library (it is reading week, after all) to discuss his deepest, most coveted secrets.

+ Name: Logan Peretz
+ Year: Freshman
+ Studying: Political Science and Economics
+ High school Claim To Fame: Student Body President
+ In ten years, he's planning to: work at a law firm on Wall Street
+ Favorite gelato flavor: espresso
+ Likes a lady who: isn't afraid to show her ambition, wit, and intelligence
+ Jams to: The Killers
+ Favorite cologne: Burberry Brit
+ Candy that describes his personality: 100 Grand Bar
+ Favorite artist: Renoir
+ Craziest place he's traveled: Russia

Much love,



  1. Damn... He is incredible. A man who loves sailing, espresso gelato, and was ASB President. I think i'm in love.

  2. I also love the killers!!!! MARRY ME NOW PLZZZZ

  3. slay me... brandish ur sword. decapitate me. bring my head back 2 the capitol. hang it upon the mantle of the city 4 all 2 see the evidence of ur "conquest" bc u slayed me (like a dragon)