Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Embrace In Dependence

I'm so much more independent now!

I gush to my friends from home.


You see society's always telling me
girls are more dependent
pointing to T. Swift songs:

Gaga's too outrageous because she worked alone
Making ones own choice
the outrage of control, your body's not your own
redefining your voice

Society claims
we can't fulfill our aims
can't create
without male participation.

And now that I'm starting anew I'm ready to embrace my
but I also rejoice in being

All of us humans are dependent
on earth, on resources
on people.

To claim otherwise is denying our basic need.

I need others.

And that's not an emptiness or greed.

Needing others is not a "female weakness"
it's not a weakness at all.
Needing others is a strength.
A chance to escape the bleakness
I'm just woman enough to embrace it.

-Rachel SJ

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