About Us

Emily Kappes (Davis, CA) : Emily Kappes is a freshman in Weinberg pursuing a degree in Journalism and Art History. When she isn't eating reading travel guidebooks, drinking tea or appreciating nice stationary at Blick Art Supplies, Ms. Kappes writes for STITCH Magazine + serves as their multimedia editor. She also loves peonies, Bill Cunningham, her tumblr, and cats. You can view her professional portfolio here.

Helen Murphy (East Lansing, MI): Helen is a freshman English Literature major in Weinberg hoping that her degree will help her become an English teacher or a writer, but accepting the fact she will probably be living on the streets. You can usually find her reading Shakespeare, listening to acoustic covers of songs, attempting to be Jessica Day, or shopping for more cream-colored lace clothing. Apart from writing for Quaintrelle, she works in Deering’s music library and blogs on her personal Tumblr account.

Henry Chen: Born and raised in Denver, Henry is a freshman this year at Northwestern - and thrilled to be a contributor to Quaintrelle. After studying Mallet Percussion and World Music for more than ten years, he is excited to be starting at Northwestern as a Music Composition major. His interests include cooking, travel, art and, of course, music.   E-mail Henry > >

Allison Towbes (Santa Barbara, CA): Allison Lewis Towbes is a freshman theatre major, dance minor at Northwestern University.  From California, she is looking forward to trading her flip flops for snow boots.  As a former Op/Ed Editor for Laguna Blanca School’s award winning paper, The Fourth Estate, she enjoys writing about art and culture, food, style, and of course, opinion.  Allison’s other loves include foggy beach walks, 2:00 am baking sessions, writing poetry, and hula-hooping.  Follow her Pinterest account: http://www.pinterest.com/altowbes9108/ 

Claire Glubiak (Ridgefield, CT) : Claire Glubiak is a freshmen theatre major at Northwestern University.Though only an active participant in live theatre, particularly acting and play-writing, she has a deep appreciation for all aspects of the arts. Claire believes strongly that everyone should have equal access to theatre, art, and all the beautiful things that life can offer. Some of Claire’s favorite things are passionate people, dessert, poetry, Valentine’s Day, handwritten letters, coffee, and TV. She identifies strongly as both sarcastic and a feminist. Her poetry can be found under the name Claire Luisa.   E-mail Claire > >

Gaby Sant'Anna: Gaby Sant’Anna is a freshman theatre major double majoring in spending too much time in coffee shops and getting overly excited about snow. She comes from the wonderful San Francisco Bay Area and can’t decide whether she misses the mountains and the beach or is incredibly glad to have escaped the heat. When not in the theatre, Gaby also spends an inordinate amount of time making playlists, going to concerts, and apprenticing for the Rock Show at WNUR, Northwestern’s radio station. She enjoys surprise parties, sunshowers, hand-written letters, long drives, film photography, and staying up too late.   E-mail Gaby > > 

Peter Vilim (New York, NY): Peter is a freshman theatre major and is not the author of #askpete, so don’t ask. Born and raised in New York City, Peter is an avid Giants, Knicks, and Yankees fan, but is also a huge fan of the arts, as he has been acting since he was about five years old. Peter’s other hobbies include laxing about, finding people he likes, and eating food that tastes good. But seriously, #askpete is anonymous, and people ask Peter about it all the time, and it isn’t him, seriously guys. If you all are so curious, just email your questions to hashtagaskpete@gmail.com, and he’ll answer all of your questions. You can even submit anonymously at hashtagaskpete.tumblr.com Sorry Peter couldn’t be of more help, but if you have a basic question to ask Peter, like “When is your birthday so I can give you a present?” you can e-mail Peter here.

Daniel Shuffield (Austin, TX): Daniel is freshman in the School of Communication at NU. He is currently only majoring in theatre, though it feels like afternoon naps should be his second. His passion for theatre does dominate much of his life, but he spends the rest of his time with his other lovers: playing guitar and cello, listening to music, buying books before he finishes the ones he already has, and trying not to fail classes without doing the homework. Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman were both inspirations for him, if that tells you anything. Call him, beep him, if you wanna reach him:  E-mail Daniel >

Chloe Gardner (London, England): Chloe is a freshman on the pre-medical track at Northwestern. If you ask her, she’ll say she’s from London, England…But she was born in Madison, WI. And also lived in Alaska. And Egypt. And Houston… But all told, London is her home and her passion. The city is her inspiration and even though she lives in good ‘ole Evanston now, she still reads the London Sunday Times style magazine every weekend (you’ll find her in the periodicals). You could say that old habits die hard. She would love to answer any and all questions you have about style! Anything from the runways of Paris to the street style of Stockholm to the campus of Northwestern. The world of fashion (or just aesthetics in general) is your oyster and she’s all ears. E-mail Chloe > >
Florence Fu (Long Island, NY): Florence is a freshman in Weinberg, still unsure of what to major in, but thinking about a minor in Sociology or Spanish. Living close to NYC, you can find her often wandering in galleries in Chelsea, experimenting finer cuisine, or window shopping along 5th Ave. Outside of the classroom, she is an active member of ASG’s PR Committee, STITCH Magazine, UNITY Fashion Charity Show, and plays flute in the Philharmonia. Some of her favorite things include fashion, illustration, Pablo Neruda poems, lattes and white space.